Lanette Warbington, affectionately known as “The Jewelry Diva” is a 10 year, self-inspired mobile fashion icon. Her gift of coordinating style is her personal signature. Working as a mobile sales rep for Sam’s Club and Hinckley, she was recognized as the number 1 sales rep for the region receiving numerous awards during her tenure. As a result of this foundation, Lanette learned the benefits of bringing product and service to customers and started “LWarbington World of Fashion and Accessories”. While working for Hinckley, Lanette begin building her business understanding her passion and gift of fashion.  

It took a year and a half to get her business started. Now, as a success entrepreneur, Lanette has worked out of several venues such as the Movie Theater on 87th Street and Mr. G’s. She is recognized by entertainers such as Chaka Khan, Chico DeBarge, and many more.  As Lanette’s community service efforts speaks for it selves, she gives of her time to many ongoing campaigns and projects, such as Illinois back to work employing over 100 young adults, feeding the homeless, donating jewelry to women in shelters, domestic violence victims and playing bingo with seniors has led many local and state officials to call her a friend in the community.

She has received community service awards from Alderman Troutman of the 20th Ward and Alderman Brookins of the 21st Ward. Lanette has also served as President of the 20th  Ward Young Democrats.   As a trailblazer, Lanette was the first entrepreneur of Jewelry to have a float in the Bud Billiken parade.   Lanette states “when you find your gift, you have to work it”. “My gift is to bring happiness to the world and make people smile; that’s what fashion does for me. When you look good you feel good in Jesus name”.

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